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Mystic Holistic Yoga Workshop with Paula Lotus Rose


Sunday 29th October 2017    3.30-6pm    £25

Mystic asana exploration, discover Mudra & Mantra magic & nourish your spirit with the power of Yoga Nidra. Gain insight with the primordial power of the cosmos; as we move into meditation, let’s release, let go and shift our thoughts to inner restoration, holistic wellness and preparation for our 3rd eye awakening.

Enter a place of stillness…this is the challenge of Winter initiated by Samhain, simply being where you are, not moving forwards or backwards, simply being utterly present. It here we listen to the voices in the crackling fire, rain & wind, entering Winter dark season of the year is for dreaming & remembering.

Honouring ourselves by entering that still place within, connecting with universal energies  through our Yoga practice.  Asana, pranayama, mudra & mantra lead us into Yoga Nidra to nurture new dreams & sow seeds in the dark, nourishing our spirit; & through this period of rest we find rejuvenation & renewal.

EVERYONE Welcome – workshop suitable for all levels & abilities.

Please wear comfortable layers, bring own Yoga mat if preferred although mats are provided

Inform Paula of any health issues & or injuries prior to workshop via email

email:      web:    FB: Paula Lotus Rose

Bookings & Payment via Paula 07958 682172

Paula Lotus Rose

Paula has been living, practising & studying spirituality, natural beauty therapy & holistic healing therapies; here in the U.K. & on her international travels & Yoga; including Yoga therapy, Meditation & Ayurveda in India whilst walking the Yogini path & living a holistic lifestyle.   Drawn to reside in the South East coastline, yearning for a high vibrational Earth connection, since living a beach life in India, has brought her to Leigh-on-Sea Essex.  Paula’s workshops are also inspired by another lifelong fascination, Astrology & also  the Seasonal & Moon cycles, due to their energetic influences.. This has encouraged self enquiry, a life-long personal development & extensive training courses leading to an all encompassing daily yoga & meditation practice. Paula thus discovered the transformative effects of Yoga on her wellbeing & amalgamated her knowledge to teach classes workshops & training courses alongside a Holistic therapy practice. Her pleasure & honour is to share these universal gifts & help support others to be the best they can be on their own journey.


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