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Getting to Know Lorna Withers

“Life is too short, live every moment”

Lorna Withers is an Acupuncturist and CranioSacral Therapist at the Therapy Life Centre. She has been practising at the centre since we opened our doors six years ago. And she has devoted her work to the bettering of the Centre. As a Therapy Life Centre original therapist, she has been excited to watch the centre grow and evolve into what it is now. “There are now a broad range of therapies, a lot more than in the beginning, it was quieter back then.”

In her therapy, Lorna is able to use her multiple expertise to switch between Acupuncture and Cranial, this fluidity allows her to work effectively and with positive results in the majority of cases. A vital part of Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy is communication, talking to her patients to work out exactly what they need.

Her favourite things about the centre are the sense of community, wide variety of people and being able to discuss and share ideas with other therapists. She describes the community of therapists as ‘like a little family’. During her tenure here, Lorna has observed the centre go from just a therapy clinic to a family-oriented centre, both in management and in clientele, as the centre has grown into an increasingly beneficial place for both children and adults.

Lorna’s upbringing is just as varied as her work, having been born in Liverpool, she spent much of her childhood in Glasgow and Cornwall. Meanwhile her father worked in far-flung corners of the world, in Greece and Japan. The latter country would become crucial to Lorna’s inspiration to become a therapist.

Visiting the sunrise kingdom as a child exposed Lorna to the beautiful and bizarre that Japan had to offer, this early fascination with Japanese culture led her to pursue her own Japan experience in her early 20’s. She worked as a freelance journalist and English teacher, while soaking up all that the country had to offer. Her inspiration to pursue a career in the holistic world came as a blessing in disguise, as she became unwell while in Japan and sought out Acupuncture. This was the seed which would later become the tree.

Lorna’s exposure to Acupuncture stirred up doubt in her work/life balance, and she decided that this was her new calling in life. After studying privately for 6 months, she returned to England, where the next part of her story was set to begin.

Much like her exposure to Acupuncture, Lorna’s first experience with CranioSacral therapy came as a blessing in disguise, after slipping a disc in her back, which prevented her from working. This resulted in a meeting with a Cranial Osteopath. As a result of this newly-found enlightenment, Lorna has devoted her adult life to these methods of healing, introducing her children to CST at an early age.

Fast forward to today, Lorna is still just as enthusiastic and passionate as she was when discovering the Holistic world in Japan. She is a mother to teenage children, aged 16 and 18. Motherhood has taught her to be ‘more understanding of life’s inconsistencies and unpredictability’. Her daily life involves regular treatment (Massage, CST, Acupuncutre), Yoga, meditation, and comedy, which she believes is important. She also exhibits mindfulness in

her everyday life; she achieves this through simple but achievable practises including following a healthy diet, drinking water and getting plenty of rest and sleeping well.

Another passion Lorna enjoys is her allotment, a small patch of land used for cultivating crops. She has successfully grown courgettes, onions, beetroot, potatoes, beans, carrots and tomatoes. Tending the allotment provides her with a direct connection to the earth and nature and is therefore yet another therapeutic pastime Lorna enjoys.

After six years at Therapy Life Centre Lorna continues to enjoy her work here and describes working with her colleagues and patients as a privilege.

Lorna learns about life through her patients, and her patients are able to live a more comfortable life through Lorna.

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