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Getting to Know Maria Smith

Getting to Know Maria Smith

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

Maria Louise has just joined the Therapy Life Centre team, and with her she brings over a decade of experience and education in a number of different areas. By profession, she is a reflexologist and a practitioner of Reiki healing. She also works with Indian and Swedish head massage, as well as having counselling qualifications.

Reflexology is the ancient art of massaging and manipulating the feet, which opens up meridian lines. It, like many of the treatments available at the therapy life centre, dates back to ancient China, roughly 4,000 BC. Reflexology is also referenced in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. In Maria’s own words, Reflexology “allows the body to get into a state of deep relaxation, where healing can take place.

Maria’s path truly begins at the age of 19. When after a trip to Mexico, which resulted in an infection, she suffered from bouts of Chronic Fatigue. At the time she was nursing within the NHS, but felt that she couldn’t help people within the confines of the National Healthcare Service. However, her calling would soon come, as she explored the benefits of Reiki healing during this difficult time. Her treatment was so life-changing that she immediately sought out Reiki training, and now is preparing to undergo her masters in the subject, which will allow her to teach Reiki, and pass the traditions along. She now considers her experiences with Chronic Fatigue as a learning experience, claiming that it gave her a greater appreciation for health.

On top of her initial nursing training, Maria also holds Diploma’s in Massage and Reflexology. Her studies in counselling allows greater freedom in her work, and provides a verbal alternative to physical treatment. Her preferred method of massage is the Indian Head Massage, a practise which originated in Indian barber shops. She particularly enjoys this method as it gives her patients more autonomy during the treatment, the length of the treatment and the clients clothing are completely optional.

Like many of the Therapists within her field, Maria is capable of moving in between multiple treatments effortlessly. This stems from a lifelong appreciation for spirituality and the methods other cultures use to treat every day ailments. This is alongside a fascination with western new-age fields of thought. Namely the Law of Attraction, with Abraham Hicks a personal influence on Maria. Although she identifies as a spiritualist, her appreciation of Buddhist values has led her to numerous temples, though she see’s her relationship with Buddhism as more a guide to living a full and happy life, as opposed to an answer for existential questions.

Her day-to-day routine revolves around the bettering of ones’ self and ones’ state of mind. “Wellbeing”, she said, “should be an inherent part of life”. And this mentality manifests itself in every day decisions Maria makes. Every morning begins with meditation, and she makes a point of being ‘in the now’. Her day includes a healthy balance of diet, hydration, exercise and movement. And for fun she enjoys dance, maintaining an active social life, exercising and meditating.

Maria’s values, compassion and ethos align perfectly with that of the Therapy Life Centre and all that it hopes to accomplish. And her clearly defined outlook on what makes a happy life ensures that she has a long and productive future here at TLC.

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