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Getting to Know Claire Gaskin

Getting to Know Claire Gaskin

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Claire Louise Gaskin is one of the newest members of the Therapy Life Centre family, bringing 20+ years of experience in a multitude of fields, as well as a truly authentic enthusiasm for helping and healing.

She specialises in clinical Hypnotherapy and is a qualified Psychotherapist. With degree-level education in Applied Social Science and youth work, as well as training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Claire has brought her tireless and compassionate work into a plethora of different projects, all of which revolve around helping individuals to overcome obstacles in their lives. Having worked with young people, both in the criminal justice system and the armed forces, she describes this work as “challenging but rewarding”. She also works with clients of all ages on matters related to one’s identity.

Though her CV is impressive enough, Claire’s life outside of her work provides an equally fascinating insight into what makes her the therapist she is. A native to Southend on Sea, Claire studied at Southend High School for Girls, one of the most prestigious secondary schools in the area. She has also travelled extensively, broadening her horizons and constantly challenging and refining her world view. This travel has helped Claire to encourage people to abandon their comfort zone and push themselves out into the world.

In her own words, “all of our experiences shape us”.

These words ring especially true when Claire begins to explain her work. Perhaps the crux of her life’s work is combatting fear. To help people overcome their fears, she has now adopted the recently established model of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy. BWRT is a branch on the Psychotherapy tree, and based on recent developments in neuroscience. It was innovated by therapist Terence Watts in 2013. Claire claims that it is the most effective therapy she has used to date, explaining that the process of BWRT works on the physical brain to replace unwanted emotional responses.

Earlier on we mentioned Claire’s fascination for the concepts of identity. She turned this interest into another way of helping her clients, with her work amongst the transgender community. This stems from a natural questioning of the constructs of gender and identity, and whether our biology defines us.

In answering these questions, she provides a safe and non-judgemental space in which individuals who identify as transgender can seek help, complementary to any medical treatments, as they journey towards becoming their true authentic self.

Just when you thought that Claire has enough on her plate to feast for a life time, she also dedicates a portion of her time to assisting members of the public, with her weekly advice column in the Echo, Essex’s local newspaper. Her words of wisdom can be found in her weekly column ‘A Problem Shared’, in the health and life section of the paper.

It’s no doubt that Claire Gaskin has dedicated her adult life to the pursuit of helping, her philosophy and code of practice mirrors that of the Therapy Life Centre, almost as if all of her incredible career milestones were steps on the road towards 11 Prittlewell Chase.

We look forward to having Claire around, and we hope that you do too.

You can find more information on Claire and her work here

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