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Warrior not Worrier

This course is not currently running.


Do you recognise any of these scenarios?

* You’d love to be able to stand up for yourself more at work

* You feel torn between two courses of action and can never seem to make a decision

* You are increasingly at the end of your tether and frustrated by children, parents or partner…

* You wish you could let your hair down more and just go for it!

*You have a fear of public speaking which is hindering your career advancement

Zoë Sanders will show you an innovative way to help you solve issues such as these and deal better with life in general.

The workshop is based on well-known “parts” work, where we look at elements of your deep inner self, and this workshop takes it to a new level. During this session you’ll look at accessing your Warrior, Settler and Nomad personalities; discover where there may be conflicts; uncover your dominant personality and seek to get these three elements working in harmony to achieve your goals.

This workshop is from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM and costs £20

Warrior not Worrier - Facilitated by Zoe Sanders

Warrior not Worrier – Facilitated by Zoe Sanders