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Fantastic Law of Attraction Testimonial

Thank you!

It is always amazing when we get a Testimonial, and this testimonial really does reflect the incredible Law of Attraction course. 🙂

“I recently attended the “How to best live your life using the law of attraction”
with Penny and I wanted to say how excellent the course was and how good Penny
is. I have read “the secret”, “the power” and “the deeper secret” (many
times)and although those books are good, Penny’s course really explains how to
effectively use the law of attraction.

What those books do not cover but Penny’s course does, is how the real use of
the law of attraction is TOTALLY based on how you think and feel on the inside
and therefore Penny’s coverage of clearing negativity, releasing baggage and
changing how we view the world is invaluable.

Penny is a great instructor/teacher who knows exactly how to engage her students
and how to explain complex issues very easily. I am very grateful that I have
attended her course and have met such a genuine and inspiring person.
Furthermore I am fully confident that with the many courses and treatments
available at TLC, I will be able to achieve everything I want. I feel that
although the course has finished, TLC can provide the support I need for the
future (thank you).

Thank you for yourself, for Penny and for everyone at TLC and I look forward to
seeing you all soon to improve my progress.

Thank you very, very much – more of the same please!”