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The 5 Elements: Metal – A Time of Wisdom, Acceptance & Letting Go

The 5 Elements: Metal – A Time of Wisdom, Acceptance &

Letting Go Talk

Thursday 9th October with Steve Coster

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM £10


To continue my series of talks on the Five Elements, and as we approach the autumn, now is the perfect time to consider the Metal Element.

As usual, I will look at:

  • How the Metal element relates to the other elements;
  • How the Metal element affects us day-to-day;
  • What happens when the Metal element is out of balance; and
  • How acupuncture can help you.

Metals have always been valuable.  For centuries, gold has been regarded as the most precious metal.  Its scarcity is one reason for its value.  Buried within each of us there is something scarce, hard to find and at the same time very valuable.

We can also think of Metal as the minerals or trace elements in the earth or in our food that are used to regulate and balance our body chemistry.  You may require 400 grams or more of carbohydrates a day, but less than a millionth of that amount of chromium, but it is no less essential.  The valuable Metal is deeply buried within.

In nature, Metal revitalizes the earth.  In autumn, leaves and fruits fall off the trees and fall to the ground.  They rot and enter the earth, providing minerals and nutrients that nourish and enrich the earth’s capacity to grow new plants.  Today, we are increasingly aware of the dangers of industrialized farming where we attempt to accelerate the natural process.  We take the maximum from a field by using it every year and fertilizing it artificially.  ‘Natural’ farming would allow the fields to lie fallow and for part of the plants to rot and almost invisibly return vital nutrients to the earth.  The Ancient Chinese understood this and appreciated the necessity to return essential minerals and nutrients to the earth.  Metal provides the quality for the earth.

Metal also describes the role of impervious rock within the earth.  Without rock all the water would soak through to the centre of the earth.  For life to be possible on earth it is essential that water be returned to the surface in order to nourish animals and plants.  It is in this way that Metal creates Water along the Sheng cycle.

In our human lifetime, Metal is the time of letting go; a time of tranquility, peace and wisdom.  In the autumn of one’s life it is a time of withdrawing from outside involvement and looking for meaning within.  We must ‘let go’ to face the limits of life.  By now we realize that some paths will not be followed, some dreams will not be fulfilled. Wisdom comes with age and experience.  Too attached to the physical body and you are doomed to despair as you grow older.  In communities in touch with the 5 elements model, it is the older community who are revered for bringing meaning and wisdom.

There will be a small charge of £10 for this talk.  However this will be redeemable against a subsequent acupuncture treatment.

If you would like to attend please call me on 07909 521847 or the Therapy Life Centre on 01702 433959.

Steve Coster


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