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The Five Elements – Fire

The Five Elements – Fire: The Energy of the Sun Within You Talk with Steve Coster

Thursday 19th June – 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM – £10

To continue my series of talks on the Five Elements, and as we approach the summer, now is the perfect time to consider the Fire Element.

As usual, I will look at:

  • How the Fire element relates to the other elements;
  • How the Fire element affects us day-to-day;
  • What happens when the Fire element is out of balance; and
  • How acupuncture can help you.

The hearth is symbolic of the heart of the home in all cultures.  Fire is used for cooking and warming.  People would gather around fires as a source of heat and naturally socialize.

Fire is important to virtually all life forms on Earth, for the Sun is the ultimate fire.  It burns and provides heat and light for animals and vegetation.  Humans are totally dependent on the Sun and even minor solar variations can mean devastation.  Too much Sun can cause crops to fail, resulting in famine.  Polar caps can melt causing land to flood.  Species acclimatized to a particular range of temperature are suddenly vulnerable and poorly adapted.

In humans, especially when we are young, we have the correct balance of Fire and Water, each keeping each other in check. But as we get older and the Water element decreases, the Fire becomes less steady.  This is when illness may become apparent.

Emotionally the Fire element manifests in being joyful (the associated sound is laughter).  There are many factors contributing to people’s happiness, but the joy associated with Fire is significant.  To be with others, sharing and communicating, generates and maintains the Fire within us.  The pleasure in having satisfying human contact both nourishes the Fire element and is made possible by the Fire being balanced.  Diminished Fire, on the other hand, can discourage people from reaching out for more human contact and the lack of Fire nourishment further depletes the element.

Strengthening the Fire element with acupuncture treatment can make profound changes to a person and enhance their ability to connect with others.  From this contact they become more able to nourish their own Fire.

There will be a small charge of £10 for this talk.  However this will be redeemable against a subsequent acupuncture treatment.

Please follow this link for more details

If you would like to attend please call me on 07909 521847 or the Therapy Life Centre on 01702 433959.

Steve Coster

Steve Coster

Steve Coster

The Five Elements - Fire

The Five Elements – Fire Talk with Steve Coster