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Day in the life of a Therapy Life Centre Apprentice.


IMG-20131231-WA0000-1BLOG ENTRY 1  30/12/13

Hi there! My name is Lauren Brown and I am the new Apprentice at the Therapy Life Centre. I am also Karen’s first ever apprentice so this is new for both of us! I should probably tell you a bit about myself first, so here goes! I am 23 years old, living in Southend with my fiancé, our 2 sons & our dog. My ultimate dream has always been to become an actress, but since becoming a mother I have wanted to find an alternative, something to be just as interested in. For a long time I haven’t been able to find anything…but after my interview with Karen I realised this is it. I had my heart set on this apprenticeship after meeting Karen, so I was over the moon when she called to tell me I had the job. From that day until I started I must have looked at the Therapy Life Centre website at least once a day! What a geek! But this is all so new to me, and as a newbie I wanted to find out as much as I could. That was 3 months ago…and I’m still a novice! This whole experience is going to be intriguing, daunting and exciting, and I can’t wait. Sharing my experiences as I learn will hopefully help other newbies like me understand what the Therapy Life Centre is all about. So here goes! Let the journey begin! J

BLOG ENTRY 2 – 03/-1/14

Hi all! Happy New Year! I have spent my first 2 days at the Therapy Life Centre and I have LOVED it! I have been shadowing and learning with lovely Jo, receptionist at TLC, and to say I have big boots to fill would be an understatement! I’ve learnt so much already but there is so much more to come. The long words and terminology baffle me at times but I have learnt some super interesting things too! For example, did you know that CranioSacral Therapy can be given to babies from 1 week old! How amazing! Also, I found out that Acupuncture isn’t just for your physical wellbeing but also for your emotional wellbeing. I have been absolutely fascinated listening and learning, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about this type of therapy before now! Alternative therapy is something I know I would have been interested in if someone had told me about it years ago, and so I’m determined to get the word out about it! Until next time… J

BLOG ENTRY 3 – 06/01/14

Hello all! Hoping you’re all well. Rather different start to my day today! I was posting our ‘Dip your Toe’ leaflets around the area with my dog in tow, when we were caught in a sudden outburst of torrential rain! To avoid getting wetter than necessary, I ran home with the dog, only to find that 5 minutes after the ordeal the sun had come out! Haha! Once I got into work after that it was very hectic. Jo had said Mondays were busy, but oh boy I wasn’t expecting it to be that busy! So as not to get in the way, I sat back and did my own little bits, and it gave me a chance to really take in what goes on here at TLC. When I see TLC I instantly think ‘tender loving care’, and I can’t think of a better way to describe how everyone is treated here. That truly is what every patient gets when they visit the Centre, tender loving care from the therapists. I have met a few of the therapists now and they have all been so welcoming and lovely.  I genuinely feel lucky to be working here! And here’s another interesting fact for you all to digest! As it’s our ‘Dip your Toe’ event next week I have been sending emails about the upcoming activities. There is a workshop called ‘Raw Food Vitality’ and I was curious, because in my head when I saw the word ‘raw’, I had a vision of a naked chicken looking very lonely in the middle of my table! But raw food is actually classified by not heating food above 115 degrees, this keep all nutrients and living enzymes intact. Which again, I think is fascinating! Take care all! J