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Kinesiology with Gina Butler

I was working with kinesiology on a new client 2 weeks ago who presented a case of headaches, each and every day. I worked with the body’s energy system that provides us with all the answers to physical and emotional issues and to my surprise and my client, it transpired that the toothpaste that she had been using for several years had reacted as a sensitivity to the body, hence the headaches. In all my 17 years of being a kinesiologist I had never known this to happen. I went through my extensive test kits for foods etc., to no avail. When I started asking questions like “Is it something that this person uses every day?” the body indicated a yes response. I continued and asked if it was something that this person uses every day in the morning, again the response was positive. It didn’t take long after that to whittle it down to the toothpaste. I advised that she changed the toothpaste and today she rang to say that she hadn’t had a headache in well over a week. It just shows that you can learn something new even after 17 years!

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