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Donna Boygle Sensory processing and behaviour presentation

This course is not currently running, thank you.

I am so excited to be doing a presentation at the Therapy life centre on 3rd November on sensory processing and behaviours. To have this opportunity to share my knowledge and understanding on the subject, increase awareness to health professionals, parents and teachers is wonderful.

The world can be such a confusing place for a child who has a sensory processing difficulties and even more confusing is the subject itself due to the complexity of the condition. Because we cannot see what is going on inside a child’s brain and all we see is behaviour the subject is misunderstood.

If a child had a broken leg and cried because they were in pain or uncomfortable we seem to be able to relate to that. However, see a child crying, screaming or kicking their Mother in a supermarket, we may automatically think its a “naughty child” and the Mother who is already distressed dealing with their child, who is overcome by sensory information around them becomes even more distressed as she receives looks from others, who don’t understand what the Child’s nervous system is doing and how this in turn has increased their anxieties and all they want to do is run a way and hide (a bit like how our bodies would respond if we were faced in front of a lion).

Sensory processing disorder also affects social, education and play. So please come along to my presentation if you would like to understand more on sensory processing difficulty. 3rd November 7.30 till 9.30,

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  1. Can’t believe i have missed this! Please, please do another one soon as i would be most interested! I am struggling as i have been for the last year and a half(probably longer actually) to help my 3 year old daughter and feel no one is really understanding her and my struggles! I am in Essex and if had known would have been there for sure!

    • Donna is doing another talk on the 19th January 2012 . also you are very welcome to give us your contact details and then Donna could have a phone conversation with you if that would help . Both sensory integration therapy and cranial sacral therapy are very good at helping children with all sorts of problems .Please dont feel alone in this , we are hoping to set up a parent support group in the new year as well .
      kind regards
      Karen Revivo

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