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The power of deep breathing

Stress is such a fascinating subject ,the more you read the more you realise its the underlying problem for so many illnesses, particularly long term stress . The impact on your body is so powerful and as life gets more and more stressed the taking control becomes more important .

Just one simple tip is  deep breathing . The saying ” take a deep breath “is   like so many of our sayings simple but very effective advise  The power of deep breathing is so often underestimated and seen as not really relevant but the simple act of taking a deep breath acts in so many ways on the body . It increases the amount of oxygen available to the cell to prevent it exhausting , it clears the build up of carbon dioxide , it switches off the fight and flight reflex telling the body the danger has passed and it can begin to step down from its high level of alertness. It stimulates relaxation helping to clear the mind and give you space to think . Deep breathing wont solve the reason for the stress but will give you the space to react differently .So the deep breathing has a physical impact on your body calming the physical aspect of your stress which in turn will help the emotional aspect .

So next time you start to experience the feelings of stress , stop focus on your breath and just take 3 deep breathes  and see how you feel . my advise is little and often


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  1. Karen, deep breathing definitely helps! It just calms you down and allows you to think a bit more clearly rather than having all that ‘stuff’ like a ball in your chest.

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